We offer the best solutions.

We offer a wide range of services

We also deal with air conditioners, oil chillers, glycol chillers, heat exchangers.


Clima Control Division SRL is a performing team that offers a wide range of truly high qualityservices. The company deals with apps.

The professional team

We offer the best solutions.

Try Clima Control’s services right now! Although recently founded, it has a staff with a lot of experience in and out of the field. They are a staffthat’s been highly qualified and trained in our partner companies.

Through the services provided by our company, we can prevent possible malfunctions and/or extend the life of your existing equipment.

Be ready for a wonderful new experience, with high quality services that our company can provide.


We offer quality service.

We will always try to understand your needs and be at your disposal, and why not, even surpass your expectations!

Also, we have very well-established principles. We will always provide trust, quality and respect.

Satisfied Clients
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Catalin A.

Quality services, good prices and customer service availability. I have no complaints; you’re a team of professionals.

Maria G.

Thank you for your fast and quality services. I trustily recommend this company!

Alex C.

I’m the head of a team of electricians on a production line. After the maintenance done by ClimaControl Division’s teams, I’ve managed to stop the production line and its machines completely. They failed because the air conditioning on the electric panels was not working. I will keep using their services in the future too. Thank you.

Clima Control Division SRL

We strive to always be a step ahead of everything new, to improve the quality of our services all the time by professional development and growth.

We offer you as many solutions as possible so we can work in the best, optimal conditions, so you can be extremely pleased with us and our results!

With our partner companies – equipment distributors, electric cabinets and climate control systems, together, we can provide solutions to your needs.

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